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Bio-electric Zapper



How does the Parasite Zapper work? The study of Radionics suggests that all organisms are susceptible to certain frequencies of electromagnetic energy. Many bacteria and viruses are affected by frequencies of 300 kHz to 450 kHz. Protozoa, roundworms and flatworms are affected by frequencies between 350 kHz and 500 kHz. Molds appear to be affected by lower frequencies of around 80 kHz to 220 kHz. Individual species respond to specific frequencies within these ranges.

The Parasite Zapper produces a square wave output. This square wave is composed of all odd harmonics of the main frequency. These harmonics effectively stretch up into the megahertz range, which is where parasites are affected. The 30 kHz frequency produces a range of frequencies that are 30 kHz apart. The 2.5 kHz range produces harmonics that are 2.5 kHz apart.

Some believe that the higher the frequency, the greater the skin effect. That is higher frequencies tend to travel along the surfaces of the body and lower frequencies tend to penetrate better. For this reason, many believe that the lower frequencies are more effective against intestinal parasites, urinary infections, and other infections that tend to occur in the various body cavities.

Does it work?

We have tested its functionality "in vitro" and it does work. It kills or prevents growth in protozoa and bacteria. Identical prepared solutions of growth media we placed side by side, with one being zapped 4 times a day and the other not being zapped. The zapped media remained clear while the other control media became cloudy with bacteria and protozoa. If you have any doubts, try it yourself. Dr. Jaime E. Dy-Liacco found that 97 % of patients reported significant improvements within 30 days.

Is the Zapper safe to use?

Yes, however, you should not use any zapper or similar product if you are wearing a pacemaker of if you are pregnant. Do not over use or abuse the zapper. It is advised not to use a zapper if you have a metal stint implant in your heart. Always seek the advice of a medical professional with regards to any health issue. Zappers of various designs have been used over 10 years with no dangerous side effects. Use of the zapper may slightly lower blood pressure, for this reason, consult your physician if your are using blood thinners. Use of the zapper when metalic implants are present may cause irritation and other problems.

Are there any side effects?

Yes, extensive use of the Parasite Zapper can kill beneficial bacteria in the intestine causing intestinal irregularity. Intestinal regularity can be restored by eating yogurt and drinking buttermilk or by the use of probiotics.

What happens to the parasites that are killed?

The bodies defense mechanisms have to clean up and remove the killed organisms. For this reason, you may feel fatigued throughout the day following zapping. Drink plenty of fluids and take it easy for the day.

Do I have to hold the paddles in my hands?

No, some people place them under their feet, others have sat on them. This should be acceptable as long as the paddles do not touch.

Should I feel anything while zapping?

While some individuals may feel a slight tingling, it is not necessary and certainly not a problem.

Can I get electrocuted?

No, not from the Mayco Zapper as the current output of the Zapper is limited by built in resistance. Also, the output voltage is less than 9 volts which is safe in itself.


Since many allergies are the result of or are aggravated by certain parasites, relief can be obtained by removing these parasites.

IBS and colitis?

As Colitis and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) are frequently the result of certain parasites in the intestine, relief can be obtained by removing these parasites.


Do not use any Zapper type product if you are wearing a pacemaker or if you are pregnant.


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